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The Gold Standard of Sales Software

There are sales platforms, and then there’s Kennected. If your business is closing deals, you simply won’t find anything as accurate, powerful or profitable. Are you ready to transform your business?

Unlimited Campaigns

Build and deploy individual outreach campaigns for every audience segment and market you target. Maximize your close rate by focusing your messaging by vertical, location, industry and other relevant criteria.

Sequences & Responses

For each campaign, you can create customized, smart messaging sequence to automatically connect and follow up with each prospect. You can also set a follow-up time for each message, until you get a response.

Prospect List

For each campaign, our software shows you a list of all your prospects, connections and message threads. And for every connection, we’ll pull their profile, email and phone number for you to leverage across your other sales channels.

Analytics Dashboard

Use our data to evaluate and improve your results. We allow you to track and manage your outreach campaigns to view your acceptance rates across an entire campaign or a segment of time.

Tools for Advanced Automation

Reply Detection

Our  software automatically detects when someone replies to your follow-up message and stops the sequence so you can move onto the next step and close the deal.



Don’t want to talk to specific people, companies or competitors? Just add them to your blacklist and they’ll be blocked from receiving invitations and messages.


Message Templates

Create custom messages to use on any of your campaigns. Write a message once and then easily drop it into any of your sequences.

Training from the Deadliest Salesmen in the Business.

personal onboarding

When you sign up for our Executive Package, we’ll personally onboard you, so you can get rolling quickly. We’ll teach you our advanced audience profiling tactics and how to hyper-target with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Plus we’ll show you how to leverage your audience data to improve your sales results and apply them to advanced marketing campaigns across multiple sales channels.

sales coaching

To help you gain maximum leverage, you’ll also have access to our twice monthly Sales Training calls with Pat Norton. A master closer, Pat built a $120m+ business line for a major insurance carrier in just under 14 months. He’ll show you how to craft the write messages, follow up, pitch and close your market – with deadly efficiency.

Get Started with Kennected

Get the platform that helps you bring in more clients, talent and revenue – in less time than you’ve ever thought possible.